Love From Colditz

Joseph Beattie as Johnny Barnes in Colditz


Three British officers form a bond as they flee a POW camp at the beginning of WWII. Naïve Jack Rose and honourable Jack Willis are recaptured and taken to the notorious Colditz Castle. The third, ruthless and self-assured Nick McGrade escapes to London.

McGrade quickly joins Lt.Col Fordham’s M19, a secret government agency responsible for assisting camp escapees. When he seeks out Jack Rose’s beautiful girlfriend Lizzie to tell her of his capture, a fateful love story begins.

Meanwhile, Rose and Willis try in vain to escape the unforgiving Colditz with the help of fellow POW Canadian Airman Rhett.  But when McGrade discovers that Rose has finally escaped, he faces a grave decision – to lose the love of his life or to use his position to inform the Germans of his friend’s whereabouts.

Filmed in Greenwich and the Czech Republic.


Joseph Beattie’s character: Johnny Barnes


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