Fast Track: No Limits

An action movie pilot centred around a group of street racers.

Joseph Beattie in Fast Track: No Limits


An two hour action movie pilot for international syndication, centred around a group of street racers.

The film follows the lives of four young people living in Germany.

Katie’s day job is to run her father’s garage.  At night the garage is the centre for illegal street racing.

Eric is a rookie traffic cop who gives people tickets for speeding, whilst at night he is a street racer. His friends know he’s a cop but the other street racers don’t. His family escaped a country ravaged by war to come to Germany. 
Mike is an American. He delivers pizza on a scooter but is also a driver for a mob boss. He also fled to Germany, after being a getaway driver in America.
Nicole is a young woman with a rich, older husband. She buys a car from Katie which she races, and well.


Joseph Beattie’s character: Eric Visnjic


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