Malice Aforethought

Falling in love with this Doctor could be bad for your health!

Joseph Beattie as Denny Bourne, with Madeleine Bourne in Malice Aforethought


Between an endless round of garden parties and village gossip, the only way long suffering Dr Edmund Bickleigh can bear the torment of his formidable wife Julia’s ferocious tongue is to find solace in the arms of the sweet and besotted Ivy ridgeway.  But when he falls for the charms of Madeleine Cranmere, the exotic new resident of Wyvern’s Cross, both Ivy and Julia’s fates are sealed as Madeleine won’t marry a divorced man. With no other resource Dr Bickleigh decides that one will be dismissed, the other murdered.

 Arrogant with the success of a seemingly undetectable murder, Dr Bickleigh rushes to be reunited with Madeleine only to find that he has been supplanted by a wealthier suitor. (Denny Bourne). Gossip about his wife’s death is rife and it seems that there is only one way to make the gossipers stop. And that is to dispose of the gossipers…


Joseph Beattie’s character: Denny Bourne

A rich young man who marries Madeleine and is poisoned by Dr Bickleigh.  He dies of cholera towards the end of the film and Dr Bickleigh is charged with his murder.


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